Candice B. Groot
Personal Collection
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Robert Arneson

American, b. 1930-1992

Jack Earl

American, b. 1933-2023

Peter Voulkos

American, b. 1924-2002

Michael Lucero

American, b. 1953

Ken Price

American, 1935-2012

Clifford Rainey

Irish, b. 1948

Beth Cavener Stichter

American, b. 1972

Viola Frey

American, b. 1933

Donald Roller Wilson

American, b. 1938

Tip Toland

American, b. 1950

sculpture of two heads with one head licking the other head
Ceramic sculptures of a man smoking.
brown clay plate with holes in it
abstract sculpture on a stool.
two chunks of fired clay
A sculpture of a mannequin body on a stool with a rock.
A rabbit sitting in a box.
ceramic sculpture of a colorful painted lady
A painting of three monkeys dressed in clothes.
A sculpture of a person from the shoulders upward.