Candice B. Groot
Personal Collection
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Rebel in Me

Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

"I have always had a bit of the rebel in me; some would say the devil—hopefully, in jest."

Candice B. Groot  /  CIR 2002

Sculpture of a woman's torso from Candice B Groot's Collection

The Wonderous and Wonderful

As a collector, Candice B. Groot was a curator of visions, a connoisseur of daring creativity, and above all, a rebel in the often-staid world of art. Candice had an uncanny ability to identify unique brilliance in art pieces that often went unnoticed by others. Her art collection was a testament to her discerning eye for work that challenged the conventional with pieces that were polarizing, but always evocative. Candice didn’t merely “buy” art; she formed relationships with it, engaging with each piece in a manner that transcended the aesthetic into the realm of the personal.

Decorative Circle

I remember...

In one room, ceramic pieces were neatly arranged on custom-designed display shelves; in another, abstract paintings filled the wall space, each piece a vivid splash of emotion and expression. And yes, even the floor was a stage for art—sculptures and intricate figures often laid carefully in corners, as if conversing quietly with one another.

A Visionary Collector

Over three decades, Candice B. Groot amassed a diverse collection, featuring works from renowned artists spanning the 18th to the 21st century. Her eclectic taste and deep appreciation for art transcended time and theme, ranging from ceramics, paintings, timepieces, taxidermy, erotica, decorative arts, and more. Her impressive collection was spread across three locations— Chicago, Evanston, Illinois, and Holland, Michigan.

Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

An Eclectic Collection

Throughout her estates, art pieces could be found in every corner of her home—from the walls to kitchen countertops. Every piece was a testament to her unique vision. 19th-century paperweights and jewelry crowded her shelves, some automata mannequins sat in chairs, and taxidermy kittens enacted a wedding scene. These were just some of the works celebrated for their genius within her collection.

Pottery Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

The belief that beauty is in the eye of the beholder serves as a reminder that the world is a canvas of endless possibilities, open to myriad interpretations that can illuminate undiscovered wonders.

Challenging the Norm

Her love for art found yet another channel in the formation of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping three-dimensional artists continue to create. Here, Candice defied the conventional wisdom of the art world by opening doors for artists at all stages of their careers. The foundation wasn’t just another grant-providing institution. It became a place for those artists whose works might be considered too risky or radical by more traditional entities. Candice’s vision for the foundation epitomized her life’s ethos—empowering people to challenge the status quo, disrupt comfortable norms, and elevate the human experience through art that provokes, questions, and inspires.

Candice B. Groot Art Collection—Close up detail shot of a horn.