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Nurturing Talent

Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

"For me, philanthropy is the bridge that is nurturing talent, allowing artists to focus solely on their work."

Candice B. Groot  /  CIR 1990

From Private Collector to Public Benefactor

In 1988, Candice B. Groot, already a celebrated patron of the arts, took her commitment to the next level by establishing the Virginia A. Groot Foundation. Named after her mother, the foundation was born out of Candice’s desire to provide artists, particularly in the field of sculpture and ceramics, with the financial and moral support to thrive. The foundation annually provides three-dimensional artists the chance to win grants to support expenses, so they have the opportunity to continue to create without financial hurdles. From emerging to established, the grants are awarded on a global scale.

Wood like Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

Candice's focus was never just on collecting art but also on enabling artists to create freely.

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is unique in that it is not only created for artists but is also managed by them—this includes both the foundation board and the jury panel. Past Groot Grant recipients also join the jury, contributing their insights to select the top winners. While technical criteria are considered during the jury’s selection, the emphasis is on the artwork’s emotional impact—a testament to Candice’s legacy that encourages artists to explore, innovate, and enrich the world of art.

Sculpture of mother and baby from Candice B Groot's Collection
A small wishbone sculpture.
Texture of a sculpture—rough and bumpy.
Sculpture of a hand.
A vase with legs of a man painted on its surface.
Bumpy, wooden-like texture of a sculpture.

I remember...

Candice often mused about the number of brilliant, unheralded artists out there, struggling to make ends meet, much less make art. And then came the day when she told me about her plans for the Virginia A. Groot Foundation. She'd named it after her mother, her first introduction to the world of art. In those moments, it was as if Candice was sculpturing her most ambitious work yet, but this time her medium was opportunity.

The act of giving back enriches the collective soul, casting a ripple effect of goodness that benefits not just the recipient, but all of humanity.

A sculpture being lifted by a crane.
Sculptures in an exhibit.
Sculptures in an exhibit.
Sculptures in an exhibit.
Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection

Under the foundation’s stewardship, the initiatives Candice ignited have evolved and expanded, adapting to the needs of a new generation of artists while staying true to her original mission. With the grant generosity growing every year to support artists sabbatical, travel expenses, materials, and more, they are empowered to achieve milestones in their careers and contribute in meaningful ways.

Decorative Circle

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation stands as a lasting tribute to a woman whose love for art was matched only by her dedication to nurturing its creators. Her unique blend of private collecting and public philanthropy set a precedent for how individuals can engage with, and contribute to, the art world. Though she may be gone, her vision lives on, forever shaping the landscape she so passionately cherished.

Catalyzing Artistic Expression & Fostering Talent

Even after her passing, her mission lives on through the foundation that bears her legacy, continuing to support and nurture three-dimensional artists. The foundation has also extended its outreach and supports other non-profit institutions and foundations that have also dedicated their mission to championing artists around the world.

Sculpture from Candice B Groot's Collection