Candice B. Groot
Personal Collection
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We extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals whose efforts have made this online exhibit a reality. This endeavor honors Candice B. Groot's final wish—to share her magnificent art collection with the world. Special Thanks To: Penny Groot West; for her invaluable help in organizing the historical context of the collection and facilitating access to existing archives. Her input has been essential in presenting Candice's legacy in a meaningful way. Peter West; for his meticulous work in cataloging the art and capturing photographs of Candice's residences. The theme of this exhibit, "Art Is Everywhere," was inspired by his consistent reminder that Candice's collection was omnipresent in her living spaces. Joe Stanfield, John P. Walcher and Toomey & Co. Auctioneers; for their generous contributions of photographs from past auctions, adding both depth and context to the exhibit. Sutton Studio; for their exquisite black and white portraits, which provide a closer, more intimate look at the woman behind the extraordinary collection. Stanley Shetka; for sharing firsthand stories that enrich our understanding of Candice and her far-reaching impact on the world of art. Eunae Jo; for the love and care put into documenting, archiving, and managing the collection’s provenance and insurance. Her detailed work has helped preserve the rich history behind Candice’s collection. Nina Latusek; as the President of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation and the Executive Producer of this exhibit, Nina's leadership and vision have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Her dedication ensures that Candice's love for art continues to inspire and impact countless lives. Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed to this monumental project. Through your combined efforts, we are able to celebrate and extend the legacy of Candice B. Groot in a way that will continue to inspire and influence the world of art.